This is what some customers are saying!

Chris H.

"I've always done my own set up and repairs for my guitars.  Mainly because I'v rarely found anyone that does a decent job.  Especially on my older ones I used to abuse a bit live.  I went against my better judgement and took it to Guitar Center because I was lazy and didn't feel like doing it myself.  They did a terrible job.  It was so bad, I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to get it back to playable by myself.  I called Jim and he did an amazing job.  My guitar has been through a lot but after getting it back, it's never played better.  Very affordable, fast turnaround and the guitar feels new again.  Definitely call Jim for your set ups!  Best tech service I've ever had.

Avel T.

"Was looking at Yelp for somebody who can service my 2- Fender Electric Guitars.  Found Jim Hensley in Canyon Country.  Very professional and knowledgeable for what he does and adjusted my guitars to my own personal needs.  Price is very reasonable, he does pick and deliver."

Joe A.

"I live in an area that is not really near anything, and as a result finding premium specialty services can be a huge challenge. There is a big difference between a Guitar Tech and a Luthier. I needed a Luthier. Jim Hensley was recommended to me by someone I have known for years and who's recommendations I know I can rely on. Just the fact that Jim was willing to drive out to my place was impressive, but upon meeting him, I knew I was in good hands. He's a really nice guy, with real love for guitars and music. Jim took his time in investigating and diagnosing the issue with my BELOVED Martin guitar; so, after some convo, I asked him to look at my Gibson J200 which had been giving me fits with fret buzz and some crappy tone. Jim took both guitars with him, and in about 24 hours I had both issues addressed, and the Gibson came back sounding better than ever. On Jim's recommendation, I am going to see if Martin's warrantee will cover the issue; even if it does, with Jim's exceptional skills, fast turn around, and very reasonable (understatement) pricing, I'll probably just let him fix it anyway.

Thanks Jim! "

Preston L.

"An honorable and professional man. He replaced some faulty electronics on my bass and now it's like new again. He came to my location, diagnosed the problem, ordered the correct part and had my bass back to me promptly. Reasonable and very fair pricing.

Highly recommended." 

Manny M.

"I have had Mr. Hensley work on a couple of my guitars. He is very knowledgeable. He completed the work as promised. His price is reasonable. He has even corrected some of my attempts of DIY repairs. I highly recommend him and his work." 

Randy R.

"I have had to have my bass worked on, with a full setup just before a gig, due to wear and tear. He completed all work and had my bass back to me extremely quick. All work completed quickly and properly.  The guitar was given back to me polished and show ready...   greatly appreciated." 

Jerry B.

"Greetings.  Jim is a pleasure doing biz with and swift on the repair.  He has worked on a few of my guitars and my amp too. I would recommend his services and charges less than most Repair shops in town.

I have 40 years experience and have seen many repairman, Jim is top shelf.  Become his client and see what I'm talking about customer service wise.  Thanks for your work, See you soon JH."

Erik U.

"I have used Jim several times for setups and modifications on my and my son's guitars and my daughter's bass guitar.  He does careful work at a fair price.  Highly recommended."